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Wake up. Rise up. Participate: 2

For fifteen minutes today, unplug. Notice how unsettled you are. Register the level of superficiality that occupies much of your time. Unplug and experience the frenetic quality that is like a caged hamster inside your mind and feelings with the … Continue reading

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Understanding Merit

What is a useful understanding of “the field of merit?” We might think of it in relation to actions positive and negative, but merit is much more. The idea of merit applies to every aspect of a human being, in … Continue reading

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Philosophy to live by

If asked to name your three favorite philosophers of the world would Buddha Shakyamuni be among them? Or any of the erudite masters the the Teachings of Light call Budddhadharma? How about Chief Seattle, Crazy Horse, Ahkenaten, Hildegard of Bingen, … Continue reading

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The Nature of Mind

And excellent full length video of His Holiness, the 14th Dalai Lama at UC Santa Barbara explaining the nature of Mind. ‘

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Being Handicapped

(The physical condition described for me in the first paragraph changed/improved over time since this was written in October 2011. This “replay post” is about the larger point about how one’s circumstances and life experiences create our sense of values, … Continue reading

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