The Nature of Mind

And excellent full length video of His Holiness, the 14th Dalai Lama at UC Santa Barbara explaining the nature of Mind. ‘

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  1. Will bookmark and watch later. When he was in Switzerland it was impossible to get to this event, sold out immediately. There is a huge Tibetan community here and the biggest Tibetan Institute in Europe, which I was lucky to visit. I even took part in Tibetan New Year celebrations.

    • I’m half way through it. It is excellent. I makes me want to offer a short series of explanation for the person not steeped in the language of deeper Buddhist philosophy and practice. Video would be faster than writing, but writing can be referenced more easily.

      If I were to do such, would you have a suggestion?

      The principles of the Mind, the Path of clearing it and then living with that light is the human path. The beauty of this knowledge is that once we understand what the “language” is saying then we readily see the ways it has been “sounding” all around us. Again your work with symbols, the richness of astrology, and the human psyche are examples of that “sounding” of this “language” of the Mind.

      • That would be great to have some explanations done by you. When it comes to Buddhism, I am a sympathetic observer, I have read a few books and have been to a few meetings and lectures. I am always eager to learn about it. I cannot think of any suggestions right now.

        • Cool. I’ll think on what might be an effective approach. Buddhism got that name only in the last less than 200 years. When one considers that these teachings, their sciences, and extensive philosophy have been around and kept vibrant for over 2500 years, that’s an accomplishment.

          Monika, you’ve been steeped in the tradition in your past lives. It comes through your work all the time. Perfect how that works!

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