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Summer Solstice and Gemini meditation

Become a portal for the Summer Solstice energies as if you were Stonehenge or a Mayan pyramid. Add to that the twin mirror-like reflection of your incarnated nature and your highest pure Being. In that alignment of equality realize that … Continue reading

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October Full Moon meditation

This Libra-Aries full moon cycle is accentuated by a Venus-Mars-Jupiter conjunction in Virgo. Libra is the sign of right relations, harmony, and balanced inter-connectedness. Aries is the sign of individuality, the adventure of self and self-interest, and the fearless presence … Continue reading

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Compost Mysteries: 2

Composting reminds us that we are part of the Circle of Life. Modern conveniences have largely removed us from this miracle and its mysteries. We need food, we buy food, we throw away food. Yet food is food for other … Continue reading

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