Compost Mysteries: 2

food scrapsComposting reminds us that we are part of the Circle of Life. Modern conveniences have largely removed us from this miracle and its mysteries. We need food, we buy food, we throw away food. Yet food is food for other forms of life. Just as we are nourished by good food, soil, plants, and animals are as well. When we compost, we once again participate in the circle of harmony from which our food came.

This is more important than the surface significance of it. The above is important enough, yet the harmony factor is the deeper mystery. Western culture is out of harmony with Nature. That is so every way one looks at it. Yet each person who eats food can contribute to humanity’s Nature re-harmonizing by composting.

compostComposting, being part of the natural cycle of Nature itself, is harmonious. Every part of the decomposing process is life giving. Nothing is taken through composting and natural decomposition, instead everything is symphonically released. To the clairaudient ear, composting is literally a symphony of songs and vibrations, tones and undertones. Some of the devic and vibrational notes are from the transformation of the plant matter from one state to another. Some of the undulating sounds are from the microbial life forms being so sumptuously fed. The pulse of the compost pile (and there is a heart beat or pulse) is the resounding of the magnetic pulse from lei lines in that location, or from underground streams unknown to the two-legged top dwellers. The heart beat is also from all the life forms of the compost pile (devic and plant) working together, creating a synchronous rhythm of efficiency and transformation. The change of devas from one state to another always has the song of light, like the sound of a shimmer. And the surrounding plants sing as their roots drink the compost tea each time it rains.

rudibeckia SK at Spirit FireWhen we walk the kitchen scraps to the compost pile, our steps are added to the beat of the compost pile. If we whistle, hum a tune, or chant mantra on the way, we add our notes to the not-so-silent celestial symphony ongoing in our back yard.

Start composting, if you haven’t already. If you do, listen with the ears of the heart. You’ll hear wonders, and you’ll smile at the mysteries unfolding.

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