Meditation: the furniture

One attribute of Awareness is that it is space-like. Awareness is neutral like the space in front of your face. Awareness is impartial like the space in your room. Awareness is uncontrived like the space outside your door.

Thoughts are like the furniture in your room. They are fabricated and not neutral (have color, shape, and seeming purpose or function).

The space in your room is the same as the space in any other room: neutral, impartial, uncontrived, spacious space. Space is the same outside of the walls of your home; it is the same in my home and your home, in Borneo or Paris. Awareness is like this.

A shamatha practice assists the neutering of robotic, automated habits of consciousness that are – due to habits of dualism – contrived, fabricated, and anything but neutral. The reason to engage this training is to slowly free Awareness from being entangled in the furniture of a cluttered, personalized mind. As a human being dares to undo such habits of consciousness, then the spacious nature of Awareness is more available to be lived from during the dualities of everyday life. Drama fades, self-importance diminishes, harmony within one’s self and with others is experienced more fully, and the riches of being a full human being are what one lives from. Imagine a world where human beings lived from this dimensional fullness.

It is so one person at a time.

the furniture 102619

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