… how about Five Wisdoms

  • Soul on its own plane is a demonstration of All Accomplishing Wisdom. The function of the illusory Soul is to bring forward and accomplish the compassion and wisdom of innate profound Awareness through the illusion of form and its dimensions.
  • Personality, as the primary manifestation of fundamental ignorance, demonstrates the unawakened “side” of Dharmadhatu Wisdom. Dharma dhatu = Truth Element, Nature of Truth. As one accepts the composite thus fabricated “nature”of the personality, then one begins to live differently through the personality. One abdicates the throne and the emperor’s clothes of unreality and treating the composite parts of the ego as if they were lastingly real or really expressing. With that, one begins to bring forward the Dharma (Truth) of the Nature (Dhatu) of Being as well as the Truth of non-being. (This is more full than it reads.)
  • Mind is the manifesting expression of Mirror-like Wisdom. “All that appears and exists” is a reflection, a mirage, in the working habits of concretizing mind. As long as one uses thoughts, concepts, images, and partial realities AS the ways through which one perceives the world(s), one is living Mirror-like Wisdom as if the image in the mirror is what is real. However, Mirror-like Wisdom can be lived from within it, within buddhi/bodhi. Then, all that appears and seems to exist is recognized as merely a display – of what – of habituated consciousness. Buddhi/bodhi can reflect any vibration (above or below, so to speak) but is not caught up with/in the reflection.
  • Personal astrality is quelled and refined through the Wisdom of Sameness (Equality) as well as demonstrates the bliss and happiness of One Taste. Sameness is the unpertubed “sea” of equanimity, the smooth and unbroken enfolding of quantum entanglement. All is ever part of the All (like fractals, kind of, but that is a concept). All being ever part of All is the source of sensate, sentient, sensory, sensitive thus the experience of relation. Astral.
  • The appearance of a form + its etheric, energetic matrix of habituated forces and appetites are a manifestation of Discriminating Awareness. Form displays characteristics, qualities, attributes. Discriminating Awareness dances in/with the emptiness of form and the form of emptiness simultaneously which is how form is no other than emptiness and emptiness is no other than form.

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