The future is now. The paradigm shift is in our mind, as well as the daring and willingness to participate in the new,  bold, and brilliant. Humanity has settled for mediocrity for so long, and has considered the condition of suffering and violence to be the way things are. But they don’t have to be. Our systems perpetuate pain, suffering, disease, death, war, anger, violence and hatred. Can humanity step away from desires and attachments into a new Real?

The future is now, and we are the ones that we’ve been waiting for. All around us are solutions, but mass ignorance even on the part of those who consider themselves intelligent is our current demise. Here is an example of what IS right now. Please support efforts such as this in whatever way you can. Only an informed world citizenry will tilt humanity away from the old model to a new.

originally post February 2012. A TED talk worth watching or re-watching

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