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Advice to myself

Advice to Myself Stop living a false and empty life. Drop those deceptions of your own mind And endless projects that you don’t need! Don’t make your head spin with the burden Of strings of ideas that never come true … Continue reading

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The Inner Dynamics of Asana and Meditation

For thousands of years, the primary posture for meditation has been the lotus or half lotus position. One could wonder if that is simply because people sat on the ground Indian-style for the most part. But, in fact, there are … Continue reading

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Heath/disease as a spiritual journey

I was diagnosed with MS (multiple sclerosis) in November 2000. It has been eighteen full years since the break-down of bodily functions that put me in the hospital for a week and produced that diagnosis within less than 24 hours … Continue reading

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Update from Jaroso, Colorado

I am, and will be, eternally grateful to all who made this life-move possible. Thank you. With assistance from about 65 people, approximately $24,000 was raised and contributed toward the total renovation and ADA equipping of this small three-season cottage … Continue reading

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December thread

A spider thread sparkled in the dawn splendor. Leafless, the tree was naked and asleep to December winds. A thread wiggled laughing with a sunbeam and behold what was always there illumined. reposted from December 2013    

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