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Meditation: recognizing the mandala of existence

Life is a mandala: a manifestation of myriad components. Each nanosecond is an arising of a plethora of factors; each emotion, thought, memory, belief, craving, avoidance, snowflake or breeze as well. Everything, every experience, from the most unrecognized subtle to … Continue reading

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Three words for a year-end review

Translation, transmutation, transformation. Use these three words for a year-end self reflection. Hold them in your heart and mind in the days as the year ends. Translation: Translation doesn’t change something’s truth or existence, it simply uses different words to … Continue reading

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Worthy screen-time

I don’t own a TV. Haven’t binge watched anything ever. Meditation and contemplation, watching the birds and the sky, reading Dharma, praying for the well-being of all beings – these entertain me. Yet, while eating or often on Sunday, I’ll … Continue reading

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Words are Vibration

Invite new words.  Expanding one’s vocabulary makes the mind more supple and thoughts more precise. Words have roots, history, ambiance, and meaning. Words are vibration sounding, whether inside our head or being spoken. Articulation is the art of word-vibration. So, … Continue reading

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2021 dates for Day of Meditation and 3-day online retreats

In Spring of 2020, in support of the world and humanity, a monthly Day of Meditation was inaugurated. It is free, open to anyone, and online. You are welcome to join part or all of each day per month. Below … Continue reading

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