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Herbs for health 2- resonance

I fly by the seat of my pants a lot. Always have. In mundane affairs, I learn what is needed but more is usually not of interest. If the subject is spiritual, consciousness, the Path, or related matters, I’m a … Continue reading

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For your health and well-being: herbal and fungi remedies

My heart is saddened by the prolonged non-health journey that a couple of my friends have been on. They are now hopelessly caught in the revolving door of the American medical model, and no good is coming of it. As … Continue reading

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Non-deceptive 1

I study, practice, contemplate, and enjoy the BuddhaDharma because it is non-deceptive. An example of this is that the Buddha Dharma will encourage analysis of a situation and of the self experiencing a situation rather than wishing for a being … Continue reading

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Reflecting on Spirit Fire

Life is a continuum of change. 2021 included the sale of the property of Spirit Fire Meditative Retreat center that I founded in 2003. Spirit Fire Meditative Retreat Center was the creation of an inspired download that occurred in 2000. … Continue reading

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July 10 is the next Day of Meditation for the World

Let’s meditate with “awakening” since that’s what’s happening (or trying to!). The link to enter and the schedule are the same each month. Schedule: 8 am MT: Set the focus, meditate. 9 am MT: A visual presentation on equanimity 10 am MT: … Continue reading

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