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December thread

A spider thread sparkled in the dawn splendor. Leafless, the tree was naked and asleep to December winds. A thread wiggled laughing with a sunbeam and behold what was always there illumined. reposted from December 2013    

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A Bovine Stomp

Hooves in the air, 1500 pounds of brown and cream leapt and frolicked. Never before have I seen such a thing. Turning my car into a dead end to change direction, three cows looked at me and then danced in … Continue reading

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Did you see …?

Movies you might not have seen or are worth seeing again. These are available through Netflix and might be on Amazon Prime. Chasing Ice: clear, dramatic, and poignant visual photography taken over years of the melting of glaciers and snow … Continue reading

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The magical mystery of Generosity

Video from KarmaTube

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Meher Baba on Changes from Within that Change the World

Key thought- “It is only in spiritual freedom that one can live for all, and yet remain detached in the midst of all activity”. “National, economic, religious and cultural freedoms are the reflections of the duality of existence. They exist … Continue reading

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