Meditation: joy 8, contributing to the flow

What to be joyous about? What to celebrate? Hmmm.

My annual neurologist appointment requires a drive, an overnight hotel stay, then the drive home again. When in a “city”, there are errands to accomplish because such and such is not available without delivery in the rural areas. So, with a disabled body, such a trip is a big deal. Even a restroom stop is. But, all good also; lots of opportunities for noticing the abundance of kindness, support, and goodness of others. Such a “trip” also can be a constant flow of offering one’s ease, or the riches of having a reliable car and good roads to drive upon into shared human consciousness, and such as this. “May everyone get to where they are going safely and easily”, for example.

Life is a constant offering to each of us providing all that we need, all that our karma magnetizes, and that which fosters right relations with others and the world. How marvelous!

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