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Solstice Mother Earth: An Amazing Design

North winds spin leaves around as Fall becomes early winter. We turn up our collars and turn up the heat. Winter Solstice is coming too; the sun shines less every day. The roundness of the sun, the silhouettes of bare … Continue reading

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The future is now. The paradigm shift is in our mind, as well as the daring and willingness to participate in the new, ¬†bold, and brilliant. Humanity has settled for mediocrity for so long, and has considered the condition of … Continue reading

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The Song of the Drum

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Bird Song Opera

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Awakening pt. 5: Nature

We interrupt the astrological interpretations to sit and listen. Nature is joyous. Nature is sighing relief and enjoying the present moment. Last night I sat inside, doors and windows closed, but I could hear thousands of miles away as well … Continue reading

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