Vandana Shiva on Real Food, Real Farming

To all my friends,

Everyone I know is concerned about their personal health, the health of those around them, the planet’s health, and ongoing well-being as well as how to attend to these in ways available to each of us.
All my friends are actively wondering ‘what more can I do” to be part of the solutions needed now in the world and stop being unhappy participants in the many serious issues that confront life on our planet.
Few people synthesize the information necessary to know more ably than Vandana Shiva. You might know of her pioneering work in her home country of India speaking out against the lies of the big agri-business companies as they, years ago, brought GMO seeds and pesticides to India under the deceit of fuller yield and a healthier population. Her work spans decades.
This podcast entitled, Real Food, Real Farming, covers the gamut of what any sane person wants know about fake food and real food. Real food, she explains, is how our bodies communicate with the soil. If the soil is depleted, the body will be unhealthy. If the soil is a healthy, thriving bio-diverse ecosystem, the body and all life forms will thrive.
I hope you will listen to this fully engaging talk.
More on Vandana Shiva
She’s a physicist, scholar and social activist. She is a founder of Navdanya and Director of the Research Foundation for Science, Technology and Natural Resource Policy in New Delhi. She is the recipient of the Sydney Peace Prize and the Right Livelihood Award, the alternative Nobel Prize. She is the author of many books including Water WarsEarth Democracy, Soil Not Oil, and Oneness vs the 1%. Her latest book is Terra Viva.

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