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I take refuge.

I take refuge in source of all emanations. Womb of beginnings Gapping vaginal maw that sucks all back to the same never-left womb. I take refuge in the Victors. Like seeds long buried in the soil They arise from delusion’s … Continue reading

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The Nature of Mind

And excellent full length video of His Holiness, the 14th Dalai Lama at UC Santa Barbara explaining the nature of Mind. ‘

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The Genuine in a Moment

The key is to meditate without wavering. Experience the great reality.  It is a flowing ocean that arises and dissolves again. In the same way, thoughts are no different from ultimate reality.  Remain at ease, whatever arises or occurs don’t … Continue reading

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Recently read

Here are some books that I recently enjoyed reading. Wild Awakenings by Dzogchen Ponlop The subtitle of this book is “the heart of Mahamudra and Dzogchen,” which pretty well sums it up. This Tibetan tantric master has lived in the … Continue reading

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The Wish-Fulfilling Gem: Naropa 13

Somehow Naropa still doesn’t understand that that which he seeks has been with him time and again. Not realizing this, he grows despondent. Naropa is embarrassed and feels he cannot go back to the monastery. He feels like a personal … Continue reading

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