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The mind makes it so.

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Empty like the sky

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The Genuine in a Moment

The key is to meditate without wavering. Experience the great reality.  It is a flowing ocean that arises and dissolves again. In the same way, thoughts are no different from ultimate reality.  Remain at ease, whatever arises or occurs don’t … Continue reading

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Magical Spell: Naropa 7

Naropa’s journey continues as he again awakens from a swoon. He comes to the city of a great king and asks, “Have you seen Tilopa?” Already, Naropa has missed the initial teaching. A great city? A king whom he can … Continue reading

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“I bow to the Dharma”

“Its purity freeing you from attachment, Its goodness freeing from the wretched states, Exclusively ultimate, supreme in meaning– I bow to the Dharma, ever bringing peace!”* What is this Dharma that ever brings peace? If we take the word for … Continue reading

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