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An out-of-the-box exploration of The Path of Humanity

How is humanity flawlessly and consistently moved further along the path of human evolution? Starting next Tuesday, we will take an in-depth and out-of-the-box look at humanity’s path. We will explore the past and present in order to understand the … Continue reading

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Black hole and cosmic principle

There are only a handful of cosmic principles, and they re-iterate and fractal in all dimensions through the continuous folds of Awareness-Existence. As such, if a black hole exists, is it simply the same principled expression as is the antahkarana? … Continue reading

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An increase of light and vibration

This short video causes me to wonder a few things: as the Sun constantly moves through the Milky Way Galaxy, does the solar system cyclically encounter bands of refined or different energy? does the Sun have a binary partner? Is … Continue reading

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We are photons!

Have fun with this 5 min. video. The thesis in the new online Vibrational Excellence online course that I am teaching is that we (and everything) are vibration. Like the photon in the double-slit experiment, we interact with observers (those … Continue reading

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YouTube and PBS videos worth exploring

Feels like Spring in the mind of humanity! Idea-seeds that have lain dormant or sprouts of thought that have been slowly growing seem to now have better conditions. Paradigms are quickly shifting from that of contraction, isolation, and not-related or … Continue reading

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