Like the Copernican Revolution and the Renaissance

This is an absolutely great synthesis of the credible and incredible. The current models of astro-physics are showing their absurdity as the telescopes created to delve into the workings of the universe actually show the workings they sought. But the ways of the universe continually display one overarching phenomena: the universe is electric, and all bodies, all systems are displaying well-known electrical properties and activities.

We are living in times similar to the Coprenican Revolution regarding space and Earth wisdom and similar to the Renaissance regarding human interests. Stay informed of the rapid changes of paradigm! Thank you, Phillip Schmidt, for the original post.

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  1. Robert Willson says:

    Donna, Thanks for this also. It always amuses me that orthodox science can be so stuck in its paradigm. Oh well, I do understand as I had the same problem but at least I followed the evidenced. Awesome! Love, Robert

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