Uranus and Pluto square this week: 3

Pluto is what is underneath which means it also represents what is deep within. The underworld is the classic meaning of Pluto, but let us consider variations on that theme.

As Pluto squares Uranus, Pluto seeks to exact from Uranus the deep matrix of why we do what we do. Uranus represents our human ingenuity, human curiosity, and human intuition. Thus, the seven squares of Pluto to Uranus plumb our humanness: its negative use of power and control for self-importance reasons (greed, pride, arrogance, the experience simply of being in charge or in authority and powerful). Pluto mirrors and exaggerates that which is heinous, that which is a deformation of human character and human inventiveness. Pluto reveals the self-serving devil within. It also reveals the deep  seeded power of light, the will to good, and the unstoppable presence of human care.

Uranus is what can come, often unannounced and unexpected. Uranus, then, represents the possibilities that can easily be brought to fruition. The work lies in trust: trust in the small actions that build upon one another, each one creating the next action, the next obvious conclusion, and the next revelation of truth. Uranus reveals from above, from outside of the current set of knowns and what we think we are exploring. Pluto reveals from within; and we have to be willing to accept what is discovered. Uranus overturns our understanding, tips over our bucket of concepts, scrambles our reality. Pluto puts reality in our face. Thus as Uranus squares Pluto, Uranus seeks to free us from the hold of the the unredeemed parts of ourself, collectively and individually. Uranus offers a transformation of any and all understandings.

Therefore, as Uranus and Pluto square we want to observe the obviousness of that which is being highlighted for change. Both planets reveal the obvious. It is good to think on the square as Uranus acting upon Pluto as well as Pluto acting upon Uranus. One is the verb and one the noun, then reverse them. Both will be revelatory.

The world stage puts the blatant misuses of power, control, inventiveness, and inquiry in the open for all to see. However, it will be the higher vibrations of these planets that will address the lower. Pluto’s deepest quality is empathy and remorse for the suffering that one has caused or perpetuated. It is the power of truth, plain and simple, no side stepping. Pluto is the wrathful deity that says “Drink the cup that you have filled. Empty it within yourself and do not fill it again. Know the depths of depravity that these actions came from. Know what you have done, and do not do it again.” Uranus is poised with the lightning bolt of illumination and destruction. Uranus says, “Truth, wide truth is all that matters,” and destroys our lies and fabrications with a lightning strike.

There is much that needs to be destroyed. If we look at it as a large scale house cleaning, then it makes sense.

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