Composting Mysteries 4: final one

The dance of devic life is the gist of the last installment in this series. From an esoteric and energy point of view, color, shape, form, scent, and beauty are not simply a result of botanical evolution. They are also the dance and song of devas. Devas are the handmaids of Mother Nature as well as her substance. This is analogous to the unseen microbes in our intestinal tract that ensure vibrant health throughout our body. Similarly, devas are unseen by most eyes yet their presence ensures that Mother Nature’s intentions are fulfilled through the interaction of all its participants.

Out in the Cold by The Little Boo on DeviantART

Out in the Cold by The Little Boo on DeviantART

To the clairvoyant eye, healthy nature such as an organic garden, a forest or wild meadow, a glen, bayou or bog have almost as much devic life as forms of flora and fauna. Plant life has more devic stewardship and interaction, however, than animal life. That is so for a simple but amazing reason: the Sun. Devic beings, just like photosynthesizing plants, are sustained by emanations of the Sun. Devas do not photosynthesize, per se, but do live off light from the Sun and Moon’s reflection of sunlight as a significant source of their life force.

Devas are song, literally. Thus they are part of the naturally occurring harmonies of Mother Nature. They also live off song/sound as another source of sustenance. To the clairaudient ear, devic song and melody calls forth the innate Being of plants. Certain times of the year are especially “loud” as new life is called from winter’s slumber or from newness after a drought or wild fire.

Composting is a human interaction with the devic orchestration of life. Composting is a way by which you and I can learn more about the simple harmonies of soil and plant life, of soil and microbial life, and the symphony of interaction that is happening constantly. Composting is an opportunity to get real about what you eat, why, and your health. How? Because if you have very little in the way of produce kitchen scraps, that is telling you that you are not eating enough produce. Apple cores, outer leaves from lettuce, avocado skins and pits, stem tips from beans, and the rinds of watermelon or squash all  are the stuff of a good compost pile and a healthy diet. Add to that egg shells from cage-free chickens, herbal tea bags, a ripped or soaked-through brown bag from the grocery store and you have a good week’s worth of compostables.

compost-pileThe first paragraph of this article stated that “Devas are the handmaids of Mother Nature as well as her substance.” This means that devas ARE the substance of the watermelon rind, the brown bag, and the egg shells. Composting frees them from their service and the self-chosen limitation of that form of service. Does the trash heap do the same? Yes and No. Yes, in that eventually natural matter decomposes but Nature’s way of decomposing includes natural beauty and utility. A dead tree trunk becomes home for many animals, food for grubs, the source of life for mushrooms and other fungi, as well as for microbial life forms. A trash heap is not the same. The answer is also no because plastic (which takes forever to decompose) effects the decomposition of produce and natural matter in contact with it. Take, for instance, left over stir fry vegetables left in the fridge too long in a plastic container. If the person cleaning the fridge is afraid of the smell of the old veggies, therefore does not open the container, but instead throws it away intact, then all the life processes in that plastic container and the devic life forms contained are trapped. Imprisonment and helplessness are not nice sounds to the clairaudient ear, nor a pleasant sight to the clairvoyant eye. Nor are they to anyone in common situations of confinement.

Compost is the process of transformation before our eyes. Produce scraps (no meat please) go into a compost pile as strawberry hulls or pumpkin seeds from making a jack-o-lantern. With very little work, in a few months you will have fresh new soil, soil that did not exist before. It’s magic. If you do no work, next season you will have not only new soil (it takes a whole season with no turning) but you might also have a pumpkin!

What do you do with that new soil? Plant seeds for kale, rainbow chard, and lettuce in it. Plant bush beans, parsley, and cilantro in it. In pots, along a walkway, or in a window box, your new soil will sing to you when you plant in it. Listen, you’ll hear deva song. And if you look at it early in the morning, or at your compost pile at the same hour, you’ll see devas shimmering to meet the Sun.

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