Concert tribute to George Harrison

Music can be so good for heart and soul. Add a little dancing, and the body gets the goodness too! George Harrison often expressed essential teachings in his lyrics, and set them to either haunting or joyous melodies.

  • impermanence? All Things Must Pass.
  • the slippery slope of self-interest and its evil: Beware of Darkness
  • greed: Taxman
  • the spiritual Path: My Sweet Lord
  • love one another: Give me Love, Give me Peace on Earth
  • being in the right place at the right time/good karma: Wa Wa
  • wisdom is not easy: Horse to the Water
  • see the need of others: Isn’t it a Pity
  • true love: Something
  • light and joy: Here Comes the Sun

Watch it on PBS if you are a member. Concert for George

Not a member? Please become one and support public television. The video seems not to be available for streaming through other providers. DVD is available for purchase at

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