Bees: Russia’s Outrage at the USA

Dead-BeesBees are dying in amazing numbers all over the world, but mostly where pesticides are used. Bees are necessary to the pollination of most produce grown around the world. Yes, there are other pollinators but bees do the lion’s share. Vladamir Putin recently met with Secretary of State, John Kerry, and clearly was outraged by the Obama administration’s signing of the so-called Protect Monsanto Act. It is all living beings who need protection from Monsanto, not the other way around.

This is a good article. Russia Warns Obama: Monsanto

Please be informed, stay informed, and make informed decisions with the food you purchase, your decisions of citizenry, and the choices you make which effect your children and all beings on our planet.

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2 Responses to Bees: Russia’s Outrage at the USA

  1. victoria2dc says:

    The words that came out of my mouth (out loud) and to the universe was: “Good. Thank you Mr. Putin. At least you can get an audience. They don’t even listen to us.” I believe the Obama administration and all members of the House and Senate, with exception of a very few, are OWNED by Monsanto. They must have access to the same info we have, and Obama signed legislation to give Monsanto the power over our court system! What? That was the last straw for me. I’m ready to support impeachment, and I voted for him not just once, but twice!

    Donna, you have the best Senator in the US Senate. Call her office and ask her to speak up for us! Without bees then what?

    Thanks for posting this. The world is on fire, and we’re the water! Let’s get some buckets and start, now!

    • Agreeing with everything except impeachment. The US political system is broken and I will not make Obama the sacrificial goat. I think that he thought he could move the country forward with change, but he was quickly fitted with cement boots by the monied interests that actually run this nation. One look at him shows how unhappy he is with his powerlessness and the stress of knowing that lies that happen all around him.

      I think Obama is betting on the informed population, who were the people who voted for him, to keep the banner of change and “yes we can” held high, and to fight the only fight there is: ethics. Monsanto is unethical and therefore evil. It’s that simple.

      Thanks for your comment!

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