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Create your day as you go

The Practice of Living Awareness empowers you. Feeling frustrated? Breathe a long slow deep breath. Mind confused? Smile, breathe, then soften and open to what you are trying to control. Get in touch with the fact that control is actually … Continue reading

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Perfect 3: Nature, perfect in every way

Perfect: works well, functions without error, proceeds with ease. Mother Nature is perfect. We might not understand all the levels of her perfection thus, in that ignorance, not perceive the perfection, yet Mother Nature is perfect nonetheless. Perfect in beauty, … Continue reading

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Being Handicapped

(The physical condition described for me in the first paragraph changed/improved over time since this was written in October 2011. This “replay post” is about the larger point about how one’s circumstances and life experiences create our sense of values, … Continue reading

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Farmers Market Joy

Need one say more? If so, then we add: organic is available and affordable happy animals that become healthy meat happy farmers local economy healthy local ecology low carbon foot print healthy you! Find out where and when your local … Continue reading

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Happy food? 3

Now let’s get inspired! A 2 min. video to begin. Humanity has been living organically for almost all of its duration. There was no other way to live or to grow food. We observed and learned from the animals, which … Continue reading

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