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A Journey Within: 8

Kindness began this morning with the pre-dawn birds. They call me to meditate, and I do. Ponlop Rinpoche uses the analogy of having a vajra master be your wake up call for living a tantric path. The method would be … Continue reading

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A Journey Within: 7

Most spiritual traditions have a practice of contemplating the unpleasant. Often the practice is to actually embrace it: Sun Dance for the Lakota, the care of lepers for some of the saints, Amma Chi’s life story of an abused Cinderella … Continue reading

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A Journey Within: 3

On the outside, this journey within was instigated by a couple of things: an increase in the disability of my body which has MS, and the management of Spirit Fire now being fully and superbly done by someone else. Both … Continue reading

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Emanations of Self: 4

Benoit Mandelbrot discovered emanations of Self through mathematics. His find was intuitive in the respect that it showed mathematically the sameness within much that we see in the tangible world. Intuition does this: it perceives the innate structural design and/or … Continue reading

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Wesak is coming: 6

Siddharta had one question on his mind: Why? Why suffering, why sickness, aging, death? Why loss, unhappiness, and why is happiness fleeting? Why? Siddharta would ask others, some sages, some questioners just like him. He would ask himself, a sort … Continue reading

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