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Webcast: Vibrational Excellence

All cosmos is vibration. The ancient teachers have taught this for millennia, now science concurs. This means that you, I, and everything around us is a spectrum of vibrating frequencies. The frequencies of anger or pride are lower than the … Continue reading

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Wesak is coming: 1

Wesak is coming. It is celebrated with the Taurus full moon. Because of two forms of astrology, tropical and sidereal, it will be held sacred twice: April 25 (tropical) and May 25 (sidereal). Classically, Wesak celebrates the Buddha, his birth, … Continue reading

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Recently read

Here are some books that I recently enjoyed reading. Wild Awakenings by Dzogchen Ponlop The subtitle of this book is “the heart of Mahamudra and Dzogchen,” which pretty well sums it up. This Tibetan tantric master has lived in the … Continue reading

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Doodle Artist: Master DK

Master DK’s writing style is that of doodle articulation. He often begins with a large looping corkscrew: a key thought from which he will loop or line some more. The corkscrews loop over and over, repeating the thought in words … Continue reading

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