Doodle Artist: Master DK

Master DK’s writing style is that of doodle articulation. He often begins with a large looping corkscrew: a key thought from which he will loop or line some more. The corkscrews loop over and over, repeating the thought in words and relatedness until we think we understand the principle. Then he turns a loop into the petals of a flower; lotuses are his favorite. Periphery, center, periphery, center: microcosmic loop of information related to humanity or a substructure within cosmos then the sweeping stroke of a word or line to center of the flower usually punctuated with a “ponder of this.”

Triangles fill the margins of the page. Once the first triangle is drawn, it too repeats. This time the loops are angular, nested, or growing out of one point or another. Triangles become networks of relationships. Again there is the micro and macrocosmic theme as either might be the reason for the branching, nesting, expansion or collapse of a set of triangles.

Circles? Yes, he has mastered them as well, both through the loop of thought returning back upon itself indicating a principle or word phrase for due recognition, or concentrically as ramifications of sameness that He hopes become apparent.

Favorite words in cube letters for dramatic effect? Logos, Raja Yoga, initiate, the mind, and love. These fill each page of doodled articulation.

There is a TED talk on the benefits of doodling, and the integration of right-left brain cognition that happens when doodlers doodle. They need to, only in this way does all of their brain function and do so well. Their level of understanding and retention vastly outstrips those who do not doodle and themselves when not allowed to roll the pen joyfully across the page. The shapes interpret the ideas, give them reason for being. DK’s writing style is this inside our minds: an attempt to integrate buddhic intuitive recognition and mental analytical data, to doodle shapes and relations into our opening mind so that the shapes and loops remain. In this way, even if we can’t remember the specifics of the data, we’ll remember the nature of it. As we grope for that felt sense of what He was saying, the detail will arise from the doodled triangle or looping lotus.

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