Fully Express Your Divine Qualities, Part I of 3

Esoteric Psychology is an invitation to the fullness of one’s self and to what is below the surface of habit, everyday tasks, and appearance. Esoteric Psychology opens the treasure chest of one’s inherent qualities through understanding them as energy, not just as things we have learned to do or are stretching into. Being energy qualities, our attributes, tendencies and habits can be lived from a different frame of reference. It is one that recognizes a talent or tendency as a tip-of-the-iceberg demonstration of energy. As a study of qualified energy, Esoteric Psychology looks at a human being as both a source of energy and a demonstration of the same. Through awareness, we can increasingly be a fuller expression of our divine energy qualities.

The Science of the Seven Rays is a corner stone teaching of Esoteric Psychology. The Seven Rays are the energies referenced above. Quoting Magic in the World, “The Seven Rays are the essence, ingredients, coloration, and vibration of everything. They are the breaths of God; the children of the Divine Mother; and the building blocks of life. Everything and everybody, today, tomorrow, and in the past are composites of the rays.”

It could be suggested that one of the greatest services we can do is to express the Rays that we are; to embody our Rays and their particular combination knowing that they are our divine nature. It is to say to our selves, “I will endeavor wholeheartedly to be the divine qualities that I am in my workplace, with my family, and with myself.”

“Be all that you can be,” is not only a slogan for a branch of the U. S. military, but also a statement that calls us forth. In order to be the fullest expression of the energies that we are, we start with the energy of the soul and consciousness. “I am Soul, Source of Clear Light, Giver of Dynamic Life, and Director of All My Intentions.” We are souls incarnate. We are the Word made flesh. We are the Light Divine temporarily put under a bushel, and yet a lamp unto ourselves. Beginning here, “I am soul,” immediately charts our way. As soul, I will navigate my emotions. I will think as soul. I will act with intention and focus born of the soul. I will approach circumstances and events with openness and understanding. As soul, I will live honoring myself, others, and existence itself. To be all that one can be is to BE Light, not just seek it; to BE Love, not just want it; it is to BE Awake.

You can begin to sense the divine energy qualities through their names. The Seven Rays are:

  1. Will and Power
  2. Love-Wisdom
  3. Creative Active Intelligence
  4. Harmony through Conflict
  5. Concrete Knowledge and Science
  6. Idealism and Devotion
  7. Order, Organization, and Magic

Part II follows on the next day’s post. Part III the day after that. 

I will be giving an
  • on-location talk and visual presentation, The Seven Rays of Life, at the Theosophical Society in Arlington, MA on Friday, February 24 at 7 p.m. ET. It is open to the public.
  • on-location experiential weekend workshop at Harmony Center, Medfield, MA on April 21/22, Discover the Seven Rays
  • Hope to see some of you at both!

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