Solstice Wash Basin

Can you feel it? Does it keep you awake at night? This approach to Solstice, this year-end, this Mercury retrograde, this call to notice, this ongoing cry from Earth, does it keep you sleepless or awaken you in the wee hours with the feeling of now it must be now?

Combustion engines of every shape and size have drowned out the gentle sounds. Piped water has numbed those who have it to how precious water is. Ease with water has fostered waste and created a disconnect from this liquid sustenance without which we would die. Would that we occasionally had to use a water hand-pump or wash basin to wash in. Imagine some cold morning cracking the layer of ice formed through the night and splashing your face. We might then remember how precious  water and heat are.

Can you feel it? Does sleeplessness frustrate you, or do you get up, meditate and pray?

The stars blink some galactic language Morse code outside.  My guess is that their message is the one the crop circles sing when you stand inside them. “We are all related.”

This December I find myself looking back on that which I have taken for granted, that which is slipping away – our innocence, our ability to hear the Earth, to recognize the Morse code at night or to remember where the water that pours out the faucet or flushes down the toilet came from.


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  1. What a wonderful post. I love that you listen the galaxies and the universe as it speaks at night. And at this Solstice you have stopped to listen too. I hope that humanity will once again get in touch with nature and realize that we are apart of it.

    I wish you all the best on this Solstice. 🙂

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