Fully Express Your Divine Qualities, Part 2 of 3

Part I of this article stated that Esoteric Psychology is a study of qualified energy and that the teaching of the Seven Rays is a cornerstone of that study. Here in Part II we further the subject of The Seven Rays by understanding them as qualified energies, and the energies that bring quality to everything.

Let’s define the word quality. Quality is the “something” that a thing, event, or person conveys. Quality is both subtle and overt. For example, consider sharp things: a malevolent tongue, a razor’s edge, a sharp musical note, an acute angle. Consider soft things: the stuff inside an egg, a flower petal, a soothing voice, a baby’s skin. More things could be listed but people would agree that “sharp” or “soft” applies. Quality is everywhere but most apparent in appearances, and whole streams of thought or assumptions are set in motion by appearance. One sees a well-dressed man step out of an expensive car and certain thoughts arise. One sees a shabby person and different assumptions occur. Appearances convey quality. And whether we make the right or wrong assessment, we perceive quality in many ways.

Quality is foundational. It is an is. The question is if we recognize the quality for what it is, or if we moved or buffeted by the effects it has on us.

Quality has a source; or better suggested, quality has seven sources. These seven sources have been alluded to in many world scriptures and esoteric teachings. They are the first psychological types. And this teaching is not limited to the human kingdom, but can be applied to understanding quality in other kingdoms as well. For those who study, apply and understand it, this teaching is a science with experiment, evidence, analysis of data, and conclusions drawn and verified. This is the Science of the Seven Rays.

The Seven Rays are energy streams that pervade and condition everything. And once one learns how to see, hear, and perceive quality more effectively, that quality can be tracked back to one of the Seven Rays.

Before going further, let’s do a simple experiment in sensing quality. Using your creative imagination, close your eyes, take a breath, and imagine a red door; open it and enter a totally red room. Feel the quality and write down the feelings and words that come to mind through your experience of red. After a minute or so, leave the imaginary room. Then take another breath, clear your inner space, and imagine a blue door. Open it and enter a blue room; walls, ceiling, floor are blue. Feel the quality. Write down the words and feelings of this room. After a minute take a completing breath.

Red is repulsive to some and exciting to others. Most people experience red as a dynamic, essential and a demanding energy. Blue is usually cooler in temperature; rounder, more encompassing, enveloping or nurturing. Red has a directness to its feeling, blue has a softer feel. These words describe quality and the way the energy feels.

Now consider the qualities: dynamic, vital, essential or demanding. Do you or someone you know express one or more of these qualities? If so, then a particular Ray quality is in your or their energy make-up. Likewise, consider the qualities for blue: cool or warm, round, encompassing or nurturing. Do you or anyone you know have some of these qualities? If so then another ray is at play. And since people are a rainbow of many qualities, then no one has just one or two but usually several, as will be discussed in Part III.

So that you can begin to notice their qualites, the names of the Seven Rays are:

  1. Will and Power
  2. Love/Wisdom
  3. Creative Active Intelligence
  4. Harmony through Conflict
  5. Concrete Knowledge and Science
  6. Idealism and Devotion
  7. Order, Organization, and Magic

Part III will be posted tomorrow. 

I will be giving an
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  • on-location experiential weekend workshop at Harmony Center, Medfield, MA on April 21/22, Discover the Seven Rays
  • Hope to see some of you at both!

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