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2015: Energetic considerations

Adding together 2-0-1-5=8. 8, the infinite relation of cause-result is the energetic of this year. That which goes around comes around. Therefore, this year will hold one’s self-made reality in view, keep it tactile, and ensure that the results that … Continue reading

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Rays of Life 3

Having done Experiments 1 & 2, what did you learn from your experience? Do you find it interesting (or baazar, or expected) that an imagined color produced a set of internal experiences and feelings? This experiment has been done by … Continue reading

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Rays of Life 2

Experiment 2 Close your eyes again. Imagine a blue door in front of you. Using your creative imagination, open the blue door and step into a blue room, blue ceiling, blue walls, blue floor – everything blue. Breathe and be … Continue reading

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Good vibrations: mantra

Saying mantra is to be a human prayer flag. As the mantra sings in our mind or rolls off our tongue and mala turning fingers, the vibrations of Being pour out. Mantra is an excellent use of the mind, of … Continue reading

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Agni Yoga 8: fohat

Fohat is supreme. It is primordial, before the beginning. This 3 minute video is its essence. The fully adept Agni Yogi lives a fohatic life. May that Path awaken the fire in us all. Artist’s graphic: Cosmic Butterfly by chronamut … Continue reading

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