Meditation: aspirations

What are your aspirations? For yourself, for the world, for others?

Even if one’s meditation practice begins for personal, self-focused reasons, meditation will always lead beyond one’s self. This is because meditation is a mirror. We begin looking into our self (our pain, our fidgety mind, our concepts, or what we hold as true) and, at some point, we register that everyone else, everything else is in the same condition: pain of varying kinds, fidgety and fickle emotions and mind, goods, bads, hopes and fears, and confusion about truth. A deep compassion can arise now, one born of that recognition, because meditation never was about one’s self. That’s not its design.

This meditation uses a classic tool to undo everything. “No eyes, no ears, no nose, no tongue, no body, no mind.” We are supported by a friend.

I don’t know if Reality truly needs you and me to meditate. I don’t know if the well-being of the world is truly assisted by doing so; but I believe it is. And, I feel that my heart knows this to be so.

Thank you for whatever type of meditating you do.

aspirations 052519


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