Meditation: behind the usual is potential and the profound

“No eyes, no ears, no nose, no tongue, no body, no mind,” reminds us that we are vastly more than our senses and that assumed reality is too. What one sees, for example, is described in one’s mind by the repeated sights and commentary to them that have previously happened. This is one of the reasons for culture shock regarding all of the senses. Cultural preferences of what one likes to “see” around one, what is beautiful or harmonious and what is not, and why a person returning from a meditation retreat can experience a similar sensory shock are born from the consistency of sensory input of a selected nature.

But, everything and everyone is more than what appears or seems to be present. Conceptually, we know this, but do we live from this knowing? “No eyes, no ears, etc.” is inviting us to do so.

Today’s meditation combines shamatha’s tranquility, altitude, and clarity with vipashyana’s penetrating insight.

behind the usual is potential and profound

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