Meditation: One

This photo of Earth displays the quality of shared existence and non-distinction. The atmosphere little by little blends with universal space, the clouds – seen from above them – reveal the rolling currents of moisture that they are, and no continents, no buildings, just one whole is seen. Life IS one, all beings are one.

Meditation is one way by which we can systematically undo the sense of singularity and distinction that is habituated in our mind. Though these characteristics are championed in the human-made world of thought, separate is untrue. No separate fingers are typing right now. At first glance, the fingers are part of a body-mind-being complex but fingers are also not fingers. The word finger is describing a vast collection of bones, sinews, cartilage, blood, nerves, and each of these are types of cells with atoms and particles and more space than anything else. Nothing is separate and nothing is only what we think.

What loving kindness is cannot truly be defined but it can be lived from. Loving kindness, like a finger, has many ingredients and each is another full something that cannot truly be defined but can be lived from. Respect, equanimity, care, courtesy, love, joy and harmony, appreciation, gratitude, and compassion each are full components of loving kindness and loving kindness is within each of these.

When distinctions blur, the heart is opening. As the heart opens, distinctions fade. They were non-existent in the first place like the idea of a finger being a finger.

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