Meditation: simple awareness

Repeatedly, I am struck by how simple Truth is. Big T Truth has certain features; little t truth does not share them. Big T Truth is permanent and without exception, it cannot be manipulated, and denying big T Truth might seem convenient but doing so is actually delusion.

For example, that which is born will die is Truth. Synonyms for the word “born” hold the same Truth. That which is created will eventually come apart; that which sprouts will, in time, complete its growth and die; that which springs into action will fulfill the action; that which bursts into existence will eventually fade. That which is built will crumble; that which is constructed in thought or out of materials will be deconstructed by time, elements, lack of enthusiasm or lack of follow-through. No matter how this Truth is approached, yes, that which is born will die. The Persian empire is gone, the British empire is gone, the ancient Egyptian civilization no longer exists, and USA’s presence for good in the world has faded.

Death, extinction, extinguishing, decomposition, and passing away cannot be manipulated. That which is born will die; that is unchangeable. I will die; you will die. Everyone born will one day die. Mountains will, in time, erode. Boulders on the seashore will become sand. The skin on my body today will flake off as dead skin and be replaced; same with blood cells and hair. Nothing I do or don’t do will stop these biological functions. One might say that these can be manipulated, as in hair loss treatments or moisturizer for skin or oxygen-rich, mineral-rich additions to one’s diet for the blood. These measures do not change the pre-set biological design of the body. One might feel better, softer, or more vital from these additions to one’s diet, but skin, blood cells, and hair will still follow the design of grow, die off, and replace. That which is born will die.

Is acknowledging this Truth depressing? No, nor need it be. However, denying it will always lead to depression, frustration, to wasting time, energy, money, and fruitlessly trying to change that which cannot be changed. Aging follows youth, for example. Trying to be young when one is not young is unwise and unkind. But, discovering the riches of aging, the sagacity born of a life lived and sharing that with others, letting one’s self slow down, take a nap, or forget a name without shame is compassion and Truth.

Meditation aligns us with Truth. In this moment, I am calm and have a peaceful mind. In this moment, I am experiencing frustration. In this moment, a craving for something salty or sweet has arisen. This moment, I am sad for the world; this moment, I feel appreciation.

All of these experiences have arisen (born). All of them will fade, pass, be acted upon thus completed, change form, or be extinguished by our effort (die).  A meditation practice supports the practitioner in constantly be aware of this Truth and others that are big T Truths. In this way, meditation fosters Truth in us, Truth with others, and Truth in the world.

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