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Happy food? 5

Was your food happy before it was your food? After inspiration (Happy food? 3), comes some truth. Truth: Greed is the only reason why there is unhealthy food, unhealthy produce, soil, rivers, ground water, and unhealthy and unhappy animals being … Continue reading

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Obama’s announcement for climate change initiative

Just about everything this man has tried to do has been thwarted by those who hold greed and self-interest as more important that Life itself. May the “climate” of USA politics begin to act with the changes necessary to engage … Continue reading

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Bees: Russia’s Outrage at the USA

Bees are dying in amazing numbers all over the world, but mostly where pesticides are used. Bees are necessary to the pollination of most produce grown around the world. Yes, there are other pollinators but bees do the lion’s share. … Continue reading

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