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You know about the Electric Universe model, right?

If, not, here’s the tutorial. Our cosmological view is rapidly changing. The deep space telescopes, comet probes, and laboratory plasma experiments are forcing the correction of certain astro-physics fictions. The world isn’t flat, and we are intricately connected to everything. … Continue reading

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Remember when the world was flat?

The Electric Universe model for astro-physics is fast becoming undeniable through the very science used to reinforce the old gravity-based model. Interestingly, the Master DK outlined his version of the Electric Universe through the book Telepathy and the Etheric Vehicle. … Continue reading

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An Electric Universe pause

Here’s some food for thought.

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Electric Universe, evidence that matters

David Talbott continues to refine his work with ancient artifacts and myths from around the world that he says point to a different sky thousands of years ago. His work is compelling and makes logical sense. His work sparked the … Continue reading

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