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Continuity of Consciousness 7

Bardo (Tibetan) translates as intermediate and conveys the idea of interlude. It refers to all in-between states. For example, one’s life which is between birth and death is a bardo. Sleep, which is between going to sleep and arising the … Continue reading

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Where Science and Buddhism Meet, part 1 video

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Ripple 3a: Conformity

At some point in the last ten thousand years, human beings began to use control as a way to make their lives better. In doing so, an over-arching model was established: conformity and thus control because conformity renders something controllable … Continue reading

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Philosophy to live by

If asked to name your three favorite philosophers of the world would Buddha Shakyamuni be among them? Or any of the erudite masters the the Teachings of Light call Budddhadharma? How about Chief Seattle, Crazy Horse, Ahkenaten, Hildegard of Bingen, … Continue reading

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Death and myth (Aesculapius)

This post goes well with our discussion of Happy Food. The core of the article is hubris (pride) and lack of measure, which at essence is not understanding interconnectedness. These two are at the core of greed and wonton, unchecked … Continue reading

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