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I fly by the seat of my pants a lot. Always have. In mundane affairs, I learn what is needed but more is usually not of interest. If the subject is spiritual, consciousness, the Path, or related matters, I’m a mole who goes deep, smelling and imbibing all the scents and flavors along the way. I learn best by doing, adapting DIY videos or book-instructions to my needs. With physical and etheric health, my body resonates with something or does not; there is no middle ground and my body tells me that usually before the supplement is out of its box. That saves money at the Natural Grocers store!

As a result, my health journey has rarely been one of following others’ advice, recommendations, or suggestions. I listen fully, am genuinely interested in why that person has done what they have, chosen what they have, or left something aside. Resonance in my body is necessary for such decisions. As they talk, the extra-sensory perceptions that I was born with, watch, listen, and vibrate with their process. Energetically I can “see” if the person took information itself as the decision-maker or listened to their body -registering its input. Fear, feeling pressured, or avoiding clear and important signals given by the body also display as the person speaks. Everyone has their process. Mine has always been more internal and subjective, based on trusting the body’s wisdom and intuition, rather than seeming objective information or viewing the body as an object. The one time I did what the established medical model advised brought damage that my body still lives with daily. One time was enough for me.

Causes, conditions, and results is pretty-much always in my mind. I understand and fully accept that choosing to use earth-based, harmony-premised, “do no harm” type health care is my choice and that it might not be the choice of others. Yet, I think the natural approach fosters interest in one’s body, in registering its pleas for helpful change in personal habits, food choices, and in how much movement one does through a day within one’s ever changing capacity. I also sense that truth about one’s body’s mortal, temporary nature is vital to one’s emotion, mental, spiritual, and physical well-being. This body is designed to break down from the moment it is conceived; and it will do so. All physical bodies do -those of animals, plants, even clouds. From the moment they begin to form they are destined to deconstruct. Dying is a necessary feature of living.

I live quite rurally now. The 7800 ft. elevation, big sky, open prairie, and big mountains nurture every part of this physical incarnation and give pointed and gentle solitude for concerted meditative practice and prayer. My location is about an hour from the closest emergency room; but to me that’s great! When this body is done or when Awareness spontaneously determines its liberation from the body it has used this incarnation, may the light of Presence be the peace and illumination of that moment. See ya next lifetime! That decision is made. DNR stickers are on my doors and refrigerator; and I have spoken with the neighbor who is the first responder. “I won’t call you.” He’s cool with that.

We have lived lives in every part of the Earth over incomprehensible time. Furthermore, some root races, or long-term cycles of lives in particular locations which predispose this current physical embodiment to resonant remedies born of the Earth. For example, from approximately 1580-1850, I lived as a Plains Indian. Only one short life was after that, then I was not in incarnation for almost a hundred years. Plains Indians did not eat wheat or dairy. From those long eating habits, this incarnation’s body was challenged by both dairy and wheat from the get-go. Herbs, berries, and animal flesh brought rosy color to my cheeks for the same reason.

It is important, therefore, to expose one’s self to a variety of healing herbs, culinary cuisines with their spices, as well as fruits, sources of oils, legumes, nuts, and tubers. You have had incarnations across this planet, in probably every ecosystem, and have been nourished by the earth’s abundance in each location. What is most nourishing for your body?

When experimenting with this idea, listen to your body. Let’s say you go to a Tunisian or Moroccan restaurant and are reading the menu. Feel your body as you read the descriptions of each dish. Your mind might question what to order, but your body knows the vibration and essence of the foods being described or knows that it has not experienced such spices and preparations before or in a long long time. Order according to that resonance and vibrational response.

Other examples: I had a short time in the mountains of Japan around 900. Sushi never has been of interest to me. Right! – the mountains of Japan, not the coast. Another example is that I lived in south-western France in the 700’s, but it wasn’t France at the time. It was more Pyrenees/Basque country. When I was eight years old, a disease went through the area and killed more people than not. My entire family was wiped out and I was taken in by the village healer/physician. He was most kind.  He trained me to eventually become the village healer and herbalist. But, because of the smells of death in proximity cooking herbs and soups, olive oil is rarely used by me in cooking. Similarly, oregano and marjoram.

The key is to listen to one’s body. For instance, why take a pharmaceutical synthetic iron pill that constipates the body precisely because the iron not readily absorbable when nettle tincture will more easily, effectively, and without side effects address low iron?

Friends, listen to your body. Expose your body and your taste buds to new cuisines. Go to a whole food store (not the brand) and slowly walk through the produce, the supplements, the mushroom sections. Play! Have fun! But, most importantly, listen and heed. Your body is talking to you all the time.

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