Meditation: heart essence – interbeing

We share life in every way with all other beings. A human being is completely dependent on these other beings. Trees provide shade, shelter, fruit and nuts, fallen timber for fire fuel. The seasonal dropping of leaves compost into humus and replenish the soil. Trees absorb water and hold the soil in place.

Each type of life form of the Earth is part of your and my life. Human beings are the babies on the planet, the youngest species. And, like infant, we are cared for, nourished, protected, and made happy by the flora and fauna all around us. Covid has shown humanity how much we need each other for companionship and exchange of ideas. But even in lock down, that which actually sustains our life force (food, water, air, and the beauty of the sky or nature) were still available. Not hugging family members and friends for months was difficult, but that which provides life was still available. This is an example of our interdependence and interbeing with all of life.

Live from interbeing.

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