Meditation: heart essence 10 – Presence

Presence is straightforward: either you are or you are not. Nature is like that too. Either it’s day or it’s night; either its cloudy or sunny. Water is straightforward: either it’s drinkable or it’s fouled -whether it is a human being, an animal, tree, or fish that is wondering about the state of the water. Similar is Presence.

Human beings, especially in this modern hyperactive, attention deficit age, are not Present through much of each person’s day. That has ramifications to the person, to those around that person, to the tasks being well attended, moderately attended, or not attended at all, and to the children of the world. They watch and learn from those around them. They are well cared for in Presence by those around them or not because the adult in the room is not present. And, a child knows when someone is being Present, just as you do.

Presence is simple, clear, and therefore unmistaken. When one is Present, one feels its brightness, its lightness, its ease. When one is distracted, not present to the moment one is living or is sharing with another being, one feels less one’s self, might experience a sluggish mind or less clarity, and nothing seems simple. Complexity and complication overtake the moment emotionally, and one’s mind gets muddied.

Presence begins with being in your body. Feel your feet, feel your heart pumping, feel your mind racing, chasing, or scattered. Then breathe. Tame your mind. Train yourself to be Present. The benefits are immeasurable to everyone, including yourself.


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