Meditation: loving-kindness 3

The meditation that we began this week has several parts. Each is its own contemplation, reflection, and can deepen into an emptiness-compassion meditation. When all parts are put together, this meditation of loving-kindness and sacred inter-being can occupy well more than an hour. For now, we are learning to be the parts.

Having said that, every component of this meditation is a meditation in itself. To truly be present to the uncountable beings who have contributed to your every breath is potentially deep and profound. Doing so could also bring forward a gut-wrenching empathy which, unto itself, could cause someone to up their personal game of benefiting others near and far through choices with purchases, recognizing deep-seated biases and self-protection, also through increasing prayer and well-wishes for specific others, the Planet and all beings as a whole.

Pray that all beings awaken and that you awaken too so as to be of great benefit to all beigns.

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