Meditation: roots and the blossoming of being

When the crocuses appear, they bring such delight. Their beauty, peaking out from under a bush or boldly displaying through a dusting of snow, calls to our hearts.

Crocuses seem to defy the conditions around them kind of like us on the spiritual Path. All of the conditions and circumstances of our life, the relationships that we have, the emotions, desires and thoughts about what should and should not be are Path. These are us stretching, opening, and discovering truth of moment and truth of being. Through the circumstance, condition, relationship, thought or emotion, life is giving us opportunities to blossom, to unfold the fullness that we are, to reveal truth of being.

Some people are social, some are reclusive. Some people are wise, some are learning how to access their wisdom. Some people are flawlessly kind, some spontaneous, some ordered. Whatever your qualities, the ones that arise from truth of being will always bring inner contentment. Qualities that are forced or feigned will feel hollow or like shoulds or flat-out make us unhappy. Tapping into truth of being is as simple as acknowledging what makes one happy.

Find a crocus or a song bird returning early or just stand outside with the sun on your face. Truth of being is in that moment. It is within.

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