They’re popping!

You know that box for indoor gardening that I showed you last week? Well, the leaves for the purple and red potatoes are beginning to pop out of the soil and the snap pea seeds are also sprouting!



There are also heirloom mini-snap pea plants growing in containers from the Goodwill. They are self-pollinating, and peas are already forming.

My lunch today was homemade hummus with pumpkin seeds, freshly gathered raw bok choy leaves, with gluten-free crackers and tomatoes from the store. It’s so cool to eat food born of the earth. Straight vegetarian doesn’t work for my body, but mostly vegetarian feels just right.

Speaking of tomatoes, check this out!

These are heirloom varieties: sun golds, yellow mediums, red cherry, and zebra medium.

All the containers are from the Goodwill or other thrift stores plus recycling of plastic containers.

So far this experiment is going well. I am learning how to work with the sunlight in southern Colorado, plus I am eating fresh-grown microgreens, bok choy, chard, and kale along the way. These kale, arugula, and salad microgreens are growing under lamps – also from the Goodwill. They have strong lumens bulbs but the bulb is only 60 watt.

Window Food was the first post about growing food indoors.



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