Meditation: dynamic layers

Layers of presence vibrate within us. The mind pulses with thoughts, inspirations, creativity, and pulses with the space between them. Emotions dynamically rise and fall, calling attention to their vibrancy. Most often, emotions, feelings, and the richness of sensations are too intense; we shy away from their depth and scope. The physical body is ceaseless in its movements. The blood always flows, organs always work, heart always pumps, the lungs always breathe. Additionally, there is movement: an articulation of energy and momentum, of restfulness and peace.

A human being also has centers; seven primary chakras and myriad lesser ones. They are perpetually taking in energy and vibration for people, places, and moments and they respond by putting energy, force, and vibration out into the world.

A person is a complex gyroscoping or swirling matrix of energies. Some blink in and out of manifestation like quantum particles are said to do. Others appear to reside, abide, be stable and lasting. We are a walking toroid that is in constant flow.

Step 13 of The Practice of Living Awareness is Toroidal Flow.

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Graphic: Angel of Fire

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