Meditation: the principle of sameness

This week, we are investing in contemplation because it can be performed as a type of vipashyana.

My heart desires that everyone on Earth understand that meditation is not a posture: sitting, and a set time frame. Meditation is life. Mother Nature is in constant contemplative meditation. A baby, if nurtured and feeling secure, is in constant meditation and contemplation. An elder in the last chapter of life or a person with a fatal illness has the opportunity to turn the days of floating mind and fleeting energy, or the daily-lived impermanence of one’s form, or the death of another person that he or the unknown and the ever closer moment of death for one’s self into a contemplation of vast and profound Truths; truths that are joyous, expansive, luminous, clarifying and liberating.

If meditation is still defined in your mind as a particular posture, codified instructions on breath or sky, a ceaseless vigilance of arising emotions or wandering mind, then the ongoing-ness of meditation is still not understood. Releasing one’s self from definition frees one, invites one, and embraces all.

the principle of sameness 082020

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