Meditation: like a wheel

Contemplation/reflection/pondering is a richly rewarding type of vipashyana meditation. Contemplation is open-minded; to reflect on something is to review it in order to understand; pondering or musing often includes humor or joy (amuse) about the object of one’s consideration. These similar processes expose a common event or thing for more of what it is. One has an insight about the object being considered. Vipashyana.

Meditation was introduced to the West as a sitting practice, for the most part. That error persists. Meditation is one’s life. Everything and everyone is encompassed within one’s practice beginning with one’s self, emotions, beliefs, and patterns.

We considered this verse:

Life after life we roll along.
The wheel rounds us.
At first we are like the rim, peripheral, surfacely engaging.
Then we become like the spokes, integral and integrated.
Eventually like the hub – empty of all but space and necessity.

Ultimately, we are like a drop of rain: complete, evaporating, giving.

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