In Support of Humanity continued meditations

We will continue with group meditation in support of humanity’s Path forward. Humanity is an intricate member of the entirety of our living planet and its Beingness. Let’s bring  forward the light!

* There will be a once-monthly, full day of meditation with the minimum of presentations  adequate to set up the meditative focus. A schedule will go out, come and go as you need (muted of course). Group members will be on your own for yoga or stretching when we are on break, at a lunch time, or by not doing a sitting but what your body needs. Even if only a few people can do some of a day of meditation, the group field will be palpably in service to the world and humanity.

* Every three months, a three-day meditation “retreat” will be scheduled. This will have presentations and yoga integrated into it, but meditation is the reason why we are together and will occupy the vast majority of our time.

There is no obligation for how much or little each person participates. That’s up to you and life. No one need email me with when you will or won’t/can’t. Just come when you can. These events are in service to humanity, Mother Earth, and local cosmos of which we are a part thus in service and camaraderie with the Elders called by all their names.


August 8 (Saturday): 8 am MT-3 pm MT. One day of meditation

September 12 (Saturday):  8 am MT-3 pm MT. One day of meditation

October 8, 9, 10 (Thurs.-Sat.): three day “retreat”. 8 am MT-3 pm MT

November 7  (Saturday):  8 am MT-3 pm MT. One day of meditation

December 5  (Saturday):  8 am MT-3 pm MT. One day of meditation

* Daily schedule TBD.

much love,

ps. Highly recommend video with Charles Eisenstein: . Inspiring and practical.

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