Meditation: sameness

From the various sources of your meditation training, has it become evident that it’s all fundamentally the same? That is, if the focal purpose of meditation is awareness. If the reason to learn to meditate is relaxation or relieving stress or blissing out, then the sameness of meditational experiences (even with their diverse characteristics) will not be present; but that would be due to the fantasy being temporarily “achieved” by the practitioner.

Awareness is like the sky; it is the same in all directions and dimensions. Awareness is like the ocean; every drop of it is salty. Awareness is like sunlight; it is bright naturally. Awareness is like the essence inside all seeds; with the right causes and conditions that which is inside and not-yet expressing demonstrates as that which is outside, expressing, and an integral feature of existence.

Everything that a person experiences in meditation is awareness itself; that includes the activities manifesting as distraction or drowsiness, clarity, luminosity, or peace.

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