Meditation: simple, awareness

We are born with awareness. Everything on this planet is. Whether or not all of cosmos is aware, the circumstantial evidence of every being of Earth and the planet itself indicate yes, cosmos is replete with awareness.

A butterfly or beetle, skunk or puma, baby or unbridled teenager does not question its awareness. Each of these simply act or don’t act, love or walk away due to the awareness of the moment. That awareness has a clarity, a compelling rawness to it but such awareness also is the common experience of experience itself in the moment.

All but the baby and the teenager abide in this in-the-moment state of awareness. Their awareness is uncontrived, unmodified; it is pure as it is. The same is so for the baby if embraced by a loving household or village. We adults, on the other hand, … .

Pregnant Woman

The initial taming and training in meditation practice is predicated upon the fact that living awareness is already present. The proof that awareness is already intact is that we are cognizing beings, creative beings, relational beings, and can become increasingly self-aware. Learning to relax into already-present awareness for some reason takes a lot of effort. But, curiously, that effort leads to effortlessness and simple awareness re-cognized.

simple, awareness

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