Gardening: indoor/outdoor #6

After a killing frost on June 8, cold nights for another almost three weeks, new raised beds that weren’t breathing, plus me watering the plants in the ground too much (afraid they’d dry out), this garden is now showing its green and potential.

We’re at that early point where just enough chard, kale, beans, and snap peas can be picked daily for the two meals of the day for one person. Yum! (homemade salmon and veggie cake, chard peas and beans with onion, guacamole with fresh picked cilantro)

Holly hock, native rudibeckias, plus native sunflowers rise up from the native ground cover of four or five flowering plants. I’m still harvesting calete (sp?) a type of indigenous spinach. Also letting all of these go to seed.

I had envisioned that the walk-through trellis would, by now (end of July), be nicely adorned with climbing small cucumber plants, nasturtiums, morning glories, and pole beans. Nope. The killing frost changed that time frame; maybe the vision, too, for this year.

No matter our designs, Mother Nature is queen. I love working with her, her devas, life forces, and beauty.





BTW, humming birds!

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  1. Sandra Krantz says:

    What a joyful email. The hummingbirds were a delight! Thanks. 🙋‍♀️🙏💕

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  2. Pam Shy says:

    Everything is looking Wonderful!Isn’t it  delightful to grow one’s  own food!Thanks for sharing and the photos.With abundant rain and warm weather,  the flower and vegetable  gardens here are doing well.Also, thanks for setting up the they meditations  and retreats.  I will be there, as my life allows.Love you,Pam

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