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Taurus-Wesak full moon meditation video

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Wesak meditation

The Wesak full moon holds the deep mystery of the purpose of humanity within the creative processes of our Earth. We are buddhas and our purpose is to birth ourselves into the radiance of Being that we are and pour … Continue reading

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More Layers of Meaning

What if the shepherds of the Christmas story represent disciples, and those of initiated consciousness, quietly working in the fields of human endeavor? What if Joseph represents the Father in Heaven, Sanat Kumara? What if Mary symbolizes Mother Gaia and … Continue reading

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Wesak is coming: 8

A meditation sets the stage for the next post and for our inner alignment to Buddha nature through Christ consciousness. At essence all holy days and heightened vibrational cycles are celebrating emptiness and its power. With Wesak and the Taurus … Continue reading

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Wesak is coming: 7 video

Have times changed or are we simply ready to understand? The deeper truth of Wesak is human beingness, which is the expression of Buddha nature and Christ consciousness. We celebrate these two brothers of Being yet they are human, thus … Continue reading

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