Humanity: Osiris?

The focus on the negative, lack, and what separates us is no longer being empowered. The focus on “my and me” will increasingly not feel right or healthy because it ultimately is not. The last many centuries have been a mixture of the brightness that human consciousness is capable of mixed with and usually overtaken by small-mindedness. The Renaissance marked an infusion from the highest source of the Will-to-Good that the human kingdom could receive: from Shamballa. And from that point in the late 1400’s we, humanity, have been trying to free ourselves of the collective quicksand delusion of duality. When we struggle personally or against one another, we sink more into the mire. When we stop, breathe together, help one another, we feel our creative extrication. Our Now is to no longer do things the way of against, the way of other, the way of I got mine but the way of we, together, unity through diversity and collective creativity.

The indigenous people of the Earth have always walked softly, humbled by the grandeur of Creation itself and well understanding the human potential for insanity or embodied transcendence. Humanity is experiencing a classic weighing of the heart. The wall etchings of ancient Egypt apply now, just as they have always applied. We must re-member ourself as Osiris had to be put back together by Isis. The feminine principle of all-one-ocean-of-shared-Being-sharing put the masculine focused identity back into right balance with itself. Then we become arisen Osiris, arisen Christ, enlightened Buddha, Sun-god Mitras, and winged Quetzecoatl. We then understand ourselves to be One, not you and I, not I am, but One. This is our Now.

There is so much good information at our fingertips. Thank you, Christine, for passing information along. A Grand Cosmic Finale for 2012

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